Armado HD

  • Conquer dangerous ants and scorpions
  • Dodge obstacles and collect jewels
  • Find hidden diamonds to purchase power-ups
Min System request
  • OS : 10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU : 1.6 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • Memory : 512
  • Hard driver (MB) : 173

Review zum Spiel: Armado HD

Guide Armado sicher durch das gefährliche Gelände und speichern Sie die Großen Adler von der furchterregenden Armee von eindringenden Ameisen! Navigieren Sie Armado obwohl 14 herausfordernde levels. Er muss laufen, Rollen und stampfen seinen Weg an die Spitze jeder Hügel und legen Sie ein Magisches ei in jedem nest. Nachdem dies zu erreichen, muss er eilen, wieder den Hügel hinunter, bevor die Zeit abläuft auf der Uhr. Entlang des Weges, Armado abholen power-ups, die ihm helfen, erfüllen diese Ziele.

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Spiel Beschreibung:

uide Armado sicher durch das gefährliche Gelände und speichern Sie die Großen Adler von der furchterregenden Armee von eindringenden Ameisen!

AFERON - BigFishGames
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Very entertaining game.

Very fun game, great graphics, colorful and crisp, pleasant music, good story with VO. You must guide Armado through 14 different hills and place eggs in the nest. On the way you have to collect gems and diamonds. With diamonds you can buy: extra life, health, armor ring, etc. You also have to squash enemies, like ants, spiders, etc, and overcome obstacles such as rocks, gate, etc. Good level of challenging. Provides good moments of fun and entertainment. I really enjoyed taking the armadillo through hills!

Jump and Run, lol

AWESOME! If you like Ozzie Bubbles and Scuba in Aruba, this is for you, too. Wish there were more 3D platform games, and 2D ones, BOUGHT IT!!! >:)

Armado's quest

Armado the armadillo was on a quest to gain knowledge from the queen eagle but he found out the horrible ants had taken over. You will need to guide Armado up the hill using your mouse to guide him. You can go forward or backward and you must jump by clicking to reach diamonds, gems, multipliers and rings. To defeat the ants and spiders along the way you must crush them by jumping on them and you have to avoid obstacles like rolling logs, waterfalls and drop-offs. You will have to run into rockslides several times to clear the path as well. I thought this was an entertaining game that you don't have to put a lot of thought into, just have some fun, enjoy!

Suitable for a game console

For me, unfortunately unplayable. The controller should have been different. So it's not fun. To the graphics! This should have been better drawn by hand. Than the simple 3D polygon clusters.

Extremely Short- Frustrating Gameplay

This is the first game I'm reviewing with intent to warn other Big Fish members. Armado is a variation of the side-scroller with the character spiraling up and then down hills. There are gaps to cross and obstacles to jump over as well as enemies to avoid or vanquish. Think Robot Unicorn but with graphics spiraling up and down not just horizontal. The problem is that with Robot Unicorn, you can click multiple times to gain height or length with jumps. In this game that just doesn't happen. This is a major flaw. Other actions can be sluggish at times but aren't as detrimental as having no ability to gain extra height/length with simple, timed clicks. This is also an extremely short game. There are only 7 hills you go up and down? and on the 7th you don't even go down. An eagle swoops you up and back home. So it's only got 13 "levels". I looked for info on this game online and it seems to be an iPad game that has been formatted as a full length game. It isn't. All that said, the 3d graphics are quite good. The storyline is good, the voice over narration is good, the character "Armado the Armadillo" is engaging.The gameplay is fun. The power ups adequate. It's an absolute shame the developers didn't give Armado the ability to get extra height/length in his jumps. The biggest isse, however, is this game needs to be at least 4x longer to be considered a full length game. And frankly, I think passing this off as a full length game is misleading to the extreme.

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