Cake Mania 2

  • 18 all-new customers.
  • 10 different cake styles.
  • 8 wild cake toppers.
  • Try the tasty new sequel: Cake Mania 3
Min System request
  • OS : 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
  • CPU : 1.83GHz
  • Memory : 512

Review zum Spiel: Cake Mania 2

Nach der Wiedereröffnung der Bäckerei Evans und senden Ihre Großeltern auf eine exotische Kreuzfahrt in Hawaii geschickt, Jill ist wieder in ein völlig neues, out-of-this-world-Abenteuer! Erkunden weit entfernten Bäckerei-Standorte; servieren Sie köstliche und originelle Kreationen zu schrulligen Kunden, angefangen von der Bundes-Agenten in den mysteriösen Aliens, und wählen Sie den Pfad Jill in Cake Mania 2!

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Cake Mania 2 Image Cake Mania 2
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Alter: 3 YEARS & UP

Spiel Beschreibung:

Jill ist wieder in ein völlig neues, out-of-this-world-Abenteuer. In Cake Mania 2, die bis zu Ihnen zu wählen, welchen Weg Jill nehmen wird!

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Every bit as good as the first one!

They are all fun, but sequels tend to get progressively more fun a they add new features to them, which is why this one doesn't have all 5 stars, because the others get better ^_^. The graphics are cute, simple, but better than most TMGs tend to be. And also like most TMGs, it's a bit short. It's quirky, comical and amusing to boot.


Fun game to play when I have the time to play.

Fun Time Management Game !

Cake mania and burger island is the best ever !

Good Game

It similar to the fist game, however, you go to different locations. I believe this one you go to outer space and open a bakery. Some wierd characters. If you like to hurry this is a fun game.

Great Game

Love all the Cake Mania games. They are so much fun and you can play them over and over.

Need More Cake Mania

I love this game. Hey Big Fish how about making another Cake Mania. It has been a while since you did one. I know you are working on games for the Ipad but not everyone has an Ipad.

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