Lamp of Aladdin

  • Hilarious characters
  • Intricate plot
  • Travel to a magical world!
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Min System request
  • OS : 10.4
  • CPU : 1.0 GHz
  • Memory : 256
  • Hard driver (MB) : 128

Review zum Spiel: Lamp of Aladdin

Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds. Catch a glimpse of a world where dreams come true and fairytales are real in Lamp of Aladdin, a unique Match 3 game! Revisit the story of Aladdin as he finds a magical lamp that makes his dreams a reality! Insidious traps, wild magic, and a cast of colorful characters await our heroes.

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Genre : Arcade & Action

Test your hand and eye skills with quick action and challenging levels.

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Spiel Beschreibung:

Catch a glimpse of a world where dreams come true and fairytales are real in Lamp of Aladdin, a unique Match 3 game!

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An instant favourite

You're gonna have a lot of fun with this game. I just couldn't leave it alone. It makes you want to play more and more :D

Epic Fun

This is a fun match three game with a twist - you have to clear a path for Aladdin so that he can make his way through a maze that contains all sorts of obstacles & pitfalls . . . You are able gain a number of powers to speed up the journey & plow through some of the more difficult areas of the maze, though . . . You can also play this game timed or untimed - but either way, Aladdin shows his impatience if you take too long to get through a level . . . One complaint I have is that you have to play a timed bonus level, even if you choose the untimed mode for the rest of the game . . . If you do not finish the timed bonus level, though, you can opt out of playing it again & thus resume the normal progression of completing the current set of levels . . . One thing I really enjoyed was the fragmented hidden object scenes that began each set of levels, which in turn informed you as to what you had to gather during the match three maze challenges . . .

From IPad to PC

I bought this game for my IPad to play at my 96 year old Mum's when I was there for Christmas, and loved it so much that I bought it for my PC when I got back. Lovely bright graphics, good storyline, good music, and levels of challenge that make the game interesting without being too difficult. I also get a bit "techy" when Aladdin goes off when you leave him standing too long, but I just throw a couple of well chosen (and not TOO unladylike) words at him, and continue on. Thoroughly recommend this game.

Great remake of a classic

Lamp of Aladin was given to us by those great devolopers that gave us 4 Elements and Glyph, and their style is still very fresh, even after all this time in this fun retelling of the classic tale from Scheherazade's 1001 Arabian Nights. In this match 3 game, we follow the story of Aladin in full detail, and not the Disney-fied version. It is still not quite acurate to the original story, which was set in Western China and featured two genies, one of the ring and one of the lamp. In this game, we help the street rat turned magical prince attempt to win the hand in marriage to the lovely Princess Boudour, but there are many things stopping him. An evil vizier that wants ultimate power, and the normal dangers that come with adventuring. Al has Genie and his pet parrot to help him, along with some other simple tools, but to gain these things, we must match them up as we blaze a trail for Al to follow to get to the next part of the story. While this story is the one most people are familiar with thanks to popular media of the last century or so, the developers tell the story in a fun and fast way. Aladin was pretty clever in his own right, due to his survival skills, and Genie is pretty much there to help him along when he gets in a bind. I had fun with this version of this story, but please remember, not all jinn are as helpful as Genie, and be careful of what you wish for.

Lamp of Aladdin

I enjoyed this game alot! To start off each level u do a hidden object scene. They r a storyline themselves! Then u do several levels of match three. Then at the end of each level u do a timed challenge. Each thing u do is nice and challenging at certain points u must collect a tool to move on. The visual part of the game was very nice. Great colors. The music and sounds I enjoyed also. The music is different than the usual, but gets a bit repititious. As for Aladdin, OMG he is soooo annoying! If u dont make a move fast enoungh he says come on or lets go. Over all I like the game. Its worth the money. Its a fun break from the usual hidden object game.

Magic carpet ride

This game has the same game style as The 4 elements. Very colorful, very cute characters, relaxing to play. Please don't 4 get 2 post ur fav game after u write ur review, so that others can chk it out, as I do. ty game on...

Nice Twist on a Match 3 Game

I like this game because there is an actual goal, rather than just matching a random assortment of objects. I wouldn't say it's the most entertaining or engaging game ever, but it's a good way to waste some time. The colors are bright and the music is nice. Aladdin tends to get a bit antsy if you let him sit for too long, which is a tiny bit annoying if you're a completionist like me. :)

Rating based on adult player. Might be ok for kids...

I usually love the match 3/pathing type games. And this one might be fine for the kids, but I can only rate it for myself, an adult. Usually, the challenges get a bit harder as the game progresses and although this one throws in "chained" and "frozen" squares, with the bonuses and ample time, there's not much of a challenge. It just became redundant. I was also annoyed by the story and the anglicized Aladdin. Kids might enjoy the comic book type story, but I found it to be intrusive.

Very addictive game.

I love match 3 games and Aladdin's fable. So this one immediately caught my eyes. The gameplay consists of many levels of match 3 and Fragmented Objects adventure. The difficulty increases as we move on to newer levels. There are various powers which help you and there is also bonus prize in every level. I played in timed mode and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The beautiful visuals, good music, nicely presented story made this game even more amazing.

Very good game

The storyline is very good and interesting even for children. I definitely love this game and played already several times also with my grand children.

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